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London based writer Dal Chodha is Editor-in-chief of Archivist Addendum – a publishing project that explores the gap between fashion editorial and academe. He contributes to various international titles including Modern Matter, AnOther and i-D and is a Contributing Editor at Wallpaper*. 

A consultant to luxury brands, clients include Burberry, MARTIOTESTINO+, Kenzo, Paul Smith, Sunspel, BERTHOLD, Dusan and Roker. He is Contributing Editor to PATTERNITY: A New Way of Seeing, published by Conran Octopus (2015).

Chodha has been working in academic institutions for more than a decade and is Stage One Leader of the BA Fashion Communication & Promotion course at Central Saint Martins.

In 2020 he published his first book SHOW NOTES, which is an original hybrid of journalism, poetry and provocation.

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