London based writer and consultant Dal Chodha is Editor-in-chief of Archivist Addendum – a publishing project that explores the gap between fashion editorial and academe. He contributes to various international titles including Modern Matter, i-D and Encens and is a Contributing Editor at Wallpaper* magazine. 
    Chodha has been working in leading academic institutions for more than a decade and is Stage One Leader of the BA Fashion Communication & Promotion course at Central Saint Martins. In 2020 he released his first book SHOW NOTES, which is an original hybrid of journalism, poetry and provocation. His second, You gotta keep your head straight about clothes, was released in December 2023.
    Dal Chodha has given lectures and chaired panel discussions for the British Fashion Council, the V&A, the International Library of Fashion Research, Sandberg Institute, The Courtauld, Hermès and Aesop to name a few. He is a regular contributor to SHOWstudio and hosts a regular IGTV interview series for Tenderbooks.

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