Archivist Addendum

%/&*(-): // Co-founded in 2020 with Jane Howard, Archivist Addendum is a publishing project free from the confines of a bound periodical. Non-seasonal and multi-format, it occupies the nascent space between standardised fashion editorial and arcane academe. Its first edition (Spring 2021) will bring together the final outputs from members of Fashion Interpretations: Dress, Medium & Meaning, an international, interdisciplinary network led by Rebecca Arnold (The Courtauld Institute of Art) and Judith Clark (London College of Fashion).

Archivist Addendum has evolved from Archivist, which Howard co-founded in 2012 to renew the museological dilemma of what the uses of the archive might be. Previous projects have explored the works of Hussein Chalayan, Wendy Dagworthy, Comme des Garçons, Shirin Guild, Shelley Fox and Chloé.

‘The editorial policy rests on the fact that these clothes are not for sale, shifting the assumptions of what a “fashion magazine” should do and who it will serve. It is designed to showcase the photographer’s work at its most austere. It offers an untouched and purist focus on the clothes in front of the lens.’

— Dr. Shaun Cole, Course Director for MA History and Culture of Fashion and MA Fashion Curation at London College of Fashion

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