%/&*(-): // Dal Chodha is a long-term collaborator with the London-based designer Raimund Berthold. Chodha consults across all aspects of the BERTHOLD label including the direction of shows at London Fashion Week, commissioning creative teams to work on photography and managing collaborative projects with artists including Ed Fornieles and Jessie Flood-Paddock.

In 2019 the brand launched CORE – a 14 piece collection of non-gendered and non-seasonal garments. Chodha invited artist Kasia Wozniak to photograph the collection using a handmade 1920s Gandolfini camera. Wozniak uses a wet-plate collodion process – an early photography technique that dates back to the 19th century – and so the series exists as single aluminium plates that, in their materiality, question notions of ephemerality and value.

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