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In 2020 Dal Chodha published SHOW NOTES - an original hybrid of journalism, poetry and provocation. 

Front row murmurings / waffle and embroidery
Jet-set woman / punk city gloss & rigorous line
The real surprise? / Stubby sheepskin boots

The texts are the deconstructed diary entries of a frenzied writer attending fashion shows in London, Milan and Paris. Revised and rebooted from reports written for Wallpaper* magazine over a period of three years, these reflections on clothes, stage sets and the language of PR insist on the authority of the word in an age and an industry possessed by the image.

Although fashion revels in the power of its iconography, the endless scroll of our digital existence has made it impossible to see what is right in front of our eyes. SHOW NOTES challenges us to look again at dress to discover the complex reality of 21st century culture, with sartorial omens of climate change, the glittering catacomb of consumerism, the abolition of gender, the cocooning of gen-z, and the hypnotic impact of mass media.

Edited by C.P. Nield
Designed by Liv Taylor
Published February 2020

︎︎︎Available at Tenderbooks.

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